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All Cyclon products stem from a passion for cycling. More than 30 years ago the founder of Cyclon, Leen Boers, developed his first high-quality lubricant for bike chains. Since then, many products have been added, culminating in a complete line of cleaning, lubrication, protection and maintenance products designed specifically for high-end users. Improving our existing line and developing new products is our daily passion. We make every effort to keep your bike smiling!

Are you are a fanatical cyclist or someone who wants only the best for your bike? We have a wide variety of products to suit your every need!

We now offer complete bike care kits with all the necessary products to keep your bike clean, lubricated and well maintained. Or you can compile your own kit by adding the products you need to keep your bike running smoothly. We offer bike care kits for racing bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes.

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