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Kryptonite Keeper 5-S2 Disc Lock w/Reminder


Use a Kryptonite disc brake lock to secure your bike when you're attending a weekend rally or taking a quick lunch break while on the road.
Security tip
Use a brake disc lock to the drive in combination with a Kryptonite chain to also secure your vehicle against being carried away.

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Double reinforced high security cylinder
Brake disc lock in stapler look prevents theft by rolling away and driving away
5.5 mm thick pin also fits into smaller ventilation holes
Includes a flexible, compactly coiled cable that prevents you from driving away while the disc lock is in place
Contains 2 new "i" keys made of stainless steel. These keys are more ergonomic and more resistant to bending and breaking.
Security level: 4/10
Weight: 0.56 kg

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